About this site

My name is Nicklas, and I'm 20 years old. I'm currently studying data technician specializing in infrastructure, in Denmark. I'm passionate about the cloud and try my best to help students and beginners learn and discover cloud technologies!

I have created this site in order to mainly assist beginners and students in initiating their journey with Intune. You will mainly see blogs, but you will also see 'scenarios' that are designed to help beginners get hands-on experience.

I'm not the only one behind the scenes on the website, so I wish to say a big thanks to the following person:

  • Joël Prins

My sessionize profile is available here, if you are interested in seeing some of my previous sessions.

Do you wish to connect with me? Reach out to me on LinkedIn:


If you are just starting your journey with the cloud, I would recommend you join the Microsoft EMS Community on Discord:

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