Scenario 8: Introducing Autopilot!

Scenario 8: Introducing Autopilot!


Aquavise Innovations is a company that designs and constructs water-diverting systems for land below sea level.

They have recently become aware of Windows Autopilot in Intune and how it can help make deployment easier. Since you have done a lot of work for Aquavise Innovations, they would like you to do a proof-of-concept.


You have been tasked with creating a proof-of-concept of Windows Autopilot for Aquavise Innovations. The task has been described for you below, so now it's up to you 👇


  • Create a deployment profile for Microsoft Entra joined devices.
    • User-Driven.
    • The account type needs to be standard.
  • Create an enrollment status page.
    • It needs to show the progress of the configuration.
    • Create a custom error message.
    • Block the device until it's fully prepared.

It is your responsibility to test the deployment profile and ESP before introducing the solution to the Aquavise IT department.


For assistance with the tasks in the case, please take a look at the resources below.

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