Scenario 9: Journey to Windows 11

Scenario 9: Journey to Windows 11


Aquavise Innovations is a company that designs and constructs water-diverting systems for land below sea level.

Windows 10 is soon end of life, and Aquavise would like to start testing Windows 11 in their organization. It's very important for Aquavise, that Windows 11 has been tested with their applications.


Your task is now to help Aquavise upgrade to Windows 11 through Intune. The task is described more in detail below, including resources to help.


  • Endpoint Analytics
    • Collect data from your devices for reports.
    • Go through hardware readiness.
  • Create a Feature Update ring
    • Create a pilot group of devices.
    • It needs to be the latest update in Windows 11.
    • The update has to be required, not optional.

It's important that you identify which devices are capable of running Windows 11, in order for Aquavise to upgrade the hardware where needed.


For assistance with the tasks in the case, please take a look at the resources below.

All scenarios are customized, so you can use the Microsoft Developer tenant. Take a look at the recommended resources below.