Scenario 6: Getting started with configuration profiles

Scenario 6: Getting started with configuration profiles


Aquavise Innovations is a company that designs and constructs water-diverting systems for land below sea level.

Aquavise Innovations has worked really hard on creating their new environment in Intune. The next step, is to help the end-user more by configurering OneDrive, Edge and Outlook automatically.


The company wants to make sure all necessary data is backed up. Therefore, we want to sync all possible data with OneDrive.
Also, Edge needs to be synced so users are able to work with their data on other devices when needed.
New users should not set up Outlook manually, so please configure automatic Outlook configuration.


  • Create a profile for OneDrive where these settings are met:
    • Auto-login to OneDrive
    • Back-up all files to all possible folders
    • Activate OneDrive files on-demand
  • Create a profile for Microsoft Edge where these settings are met:
    • Log in automatically with your corporate credentials
    • Start the sync automatically
  • Create a profile for Outlook where these settings are met:
    • Automatically configure the mailbox with the corporate credentials
    • Configure the caching time to 6 months

It's important for Aquavise Innovations that the configuration is future-proof. Therefore, please use the Settings catalog.


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