Scenario 1: Exploring Company Branding

Scenario 1: Exploring Company Branding


Aquavise Innovations is a company that designs and constructs water-diverting systems for land below sea level.

This startup wants to help with a mix of problems the world is facing, including the rising sea level and the pollution of water of all sorts.

Our employees have to travel all around the world, so the main language within the company is English.

Because we are traveling, we want a modern, flexible, safe, and easy-to-use computer system where our employees can help themselves out with software installation and security.

We also have a small IT department where all functional IT questions will end up, they also write the manuals and maintain the systems. Because of the small IT department, we want as little maintenance as possible.


When an end-user at Aquavise Innovations receives their computer, there should be no doubt, that the computer belongs to Aquavise Innovations. It's a requirement from Aquavise Innovations, that all their systems such as the Company Portal and O365 login screen have their branding.


  • Company branding
    • Sign-in screen
    • Company Portal
    • Custom domain name (Optional)

Aquavise Innovations has this color code #00274E, that is used within the branding. Aquavise Innovations has the below logo, which must be visible as well.

That is the only requirements, that Aquavise Innovations has. The rest is up to you.

Adding a custom domain name is optional, and if you wish to do that - please see below for guides on how to set it up. We would recommend setting up a custom domain name!

Once the branding has been done, Aquavise Innovations will be ready to take the next step in the project.


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