Scenario 5: Keep Windows up-to-date!

Scenario 5: Keep Windows up-to-date!


Aquavise Innovations is a company that designs and constructs water-diverting systems for land below sea level.

Aquavise Innovations has worked really hard on creating their new environment in Intune, now it's time to focus on the updates.

They wants to make sure, that all their devices are up-to-date with Windows. The management team of Aquavise, doesn't have high expectations of their employees when it comes to updates. This is where you comes into play!


You have been tasked with creating two update rings in Intune. It's important that you create a pilot and a production ring. The pilot ring has to contain five users that are testing the updates before they're pushed to production.


  • Create a pilot update ring.
    • The first of two requirements of the pilot ring, is that the deferral for both quality and feature has to be 0 days.
    • The last requirement is that the deadline for both quality and feature has to be 2 days.
  • Create a production update ring.
    • The deferral period has to be 5 days for quality and 15 days for feature updates.
    • The deadline for both quality and feature updates has to be 2 days.

It's important for Aquavise Innovations that the requirements for both rings are met.


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